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Is Naturopathic Medicine Right for You?

flower-visitThe Naturopathic doctor is best suited to treat long term chronic conditions.  As a Naturopathic doctor I can be considered a general practitioner of natural medicine and I am well suited to treat everything from the common cold to more complex conditions like digestive conditions, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune disorders, hormonal issues, allergies, anxiety, sleep disturbances etc.

One of the core principles of Naturopathic medicine is prevention and we are equipped with the tools to predict and avoid health outcomes before they occur.  The vast majority of my patients are already seeing a medical doctor and we aim to work in a complementary manner in these situations.

What to Expect in Your Visit

The first visit is 75 minutes in length and involves a thorough health history. During this time your main health concerns, health history and medical records will be carefully discussed and reviewed. Also a partial physical exam based on your presentation may be done. If necessary, further testing such as laboratory tests and/or specialized diagnostic tests may be done on the first or second visit. By the end of the first visit I will make some recommendations as a starting point for your treatment plan.

Follow-up visits are typically 30-45 minutes, the timing of which depends on your needs and personalized treatment plan.  During the first follow up visit I will typically discuss diet with considerable detail and have there may be more specific recommendations for treatment. Beyond the first follow up the number and frequency of subsequent follow-up visits will depend largely upon the severity and duration of your condition(s), the pace of your progress and the type of therapy you’re using.

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